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2015 Price List

Prod. No.                        Description                                             

Jump Standards and Wings

EE04             1.8M Jump Standard white, red or blue - 71" tall    

EE07             1.8m Jump Wing - 28"W x 71"H  

EE11             1.8m Jump Wing - 28"W x 71"H                                                     

EE14             1.8m Jump Wing - 28"W x 71"H                                                      

EE15             1.8m Jump Wing - 28"W x 71"H                                                       

EE22             1.8m Jump Wing - 28"W x 71"H                                                       

EE24             1.8m Jump Wing - 28"W x 71"H                                                      

EE25             1.8m Jump Wing - 28"W x 71"H                                                      


EELV13          1m x 3m Liverpool                                                 

EELV183        1.8m x 3m Liverpool                                               

Jump Cups & Breakaways

EEJC02          20mm Nylon Jump Cup, Reversible                           

EEJC03          35mm Nylon Jump Cup                                           

EEQR01         Quick Release                                                      

EEKHMT04     5' Galvanized Key Hole Track                                   

   50mmW x 15mmD x 1524mmL


EESJM01        Jump Markers, 1-15, 2 x a, 2 x b, 1 x c                     

EEDA01         Dressage Arena, 20m x 60m, 38 rail stands,            

                    4 corner stands,  40 x 4m rails.

EEFLG           Red and white Flag set with mounting slot  

Arena Groomer

EEGR02PB      7' Arena Groomer                                                  

Corral Panels

EECP10          114" x 59" x 50lb., 18g., Steel Corral Panel,             

                    Green Powder Coat.





















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